As offshore projects move into deeper waters and harsher environments, the need to remotely operate and maintain assets for maritime operations — and leverage their data to drive innovation, enhance efficiency and improve safety — increases.  

What allows vessel operators to determine safe routes and monitor vessel performance? When can project managers decide if weather conditions are ideal for marine workers? How can researchers accurately monitor ecosystems in hard-to-reach locations? 

Whilst the answers to these questions may seem subjective, real-time data and marine asset monitoring make them objective. And that is where Hydrosphere’s new and improved HydroWatch and HydroData monitoring system comes in… 

Hydrowatch: harnessing real-time data

HydroWatch is a new cutting-edge monitoring unit that provides real-time data from instrumentation and aids to navigation (AtoN) assets. 

Since HydroWatch’s compact size allows it to be fitted within existing equipment enclosures or boxed as a standalone unit — compatible with many existing sensors and marine devices — it is a versatile and affordable solution for operators. 

From water temperatures and atmospheric pressure to sea state observations like currents, real-time data monitoring enables mariners to analyse trends and identify anomalies at sea.

This critical data allows for more informed decision-making on vessel dispatch and route optimisation, reduces safety risks for maintenance crews and improves planning and efficiency for offshore site workers and transfer operations. 

Plus, real-time data monitoring can also reduce downtime and cost savings. By informing users of any maintenance needs, mariners can repair their equipment before things escalate into more significant (and more costly) problems. 

Its low power consumption makes the HydroWatch ideal for remote maritime operations. With multiple digital and analogue inputs and outputs, HydroWatch can handle the user’s core applications — whether that is data gathering, status monitoring or remote control of assets.  

HydroWatch receives real-time data from the source — for example, marine traffic lights — and transmits it to a cloud server via 2G or 4G networks. This data is then displayed on a web portal via our HydroData system…  

HydroData: gaining visibility of marine assets

HydroData serves as a cloud-based monitoring portal for the HydroWatch unit. It offers a centralised platform to easily track and manage marine assets that may be dispersed across multiple locations or set in remote environments. 

Once HydroWatch has sent its data to the web portal, control messages are securely sent back to the unit to inform users. Thanks to our HydroData web portal, the HydroWatch unit puts users in total portal control — enhancing marine asset management and overall business performance. 

Not only does asset monitoring create cost savings with lower maintenance fees and extended asset life, but it also gives mariners a better chance of preventing accidents associated with asset failures. 

Marine asset monitoring could also help to lessen negative environmental impacts. For example, vessel operators can reroute based on current ocean and weather conditions from sensors on vessels and data buoys — optimising fuel efficiency and reducing fuel burn and CO2 emissions. 

With multiple user levels, from view-only to full administrator access, the HydroData portal is truly user-friendly. 

Users can also modify the criteria to suit their requirements. For example, a certain wave size from a particular direction may cause issues for personnel on offshore sites. Data from wave sensors allows project managers to identify when those conditions will occur and how to mitigate risks. With variable reporting frequencies available, dependent on the requirement of real-time or periodic updates, users can also optimise their data usage and manage costs. 

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