Founded in 1994, Hydrosphere is now firmly established as the UK and Ireland’s leading supplier of marine navigation aids — offering high-quality, reliable and cost-effective solutions to the marine industry and beyond.

We represent world-leading innovators in the production of AtoN, working with manufacturers to supply marine navigation lights, data buoys, mooring buoys and more to our customers.

Through our connections and experience, we can deliver a complete solution to suit your maritime requirements — from initial design and supply of the aid through to installation and ongoing maintenance. Our team of engineers is always on hand to support maintenance, replacement and removal work, as well as respond to emergency repairs or buoy and beacon casualties.


Navigation Buoys

We provide a comprehensive range of durable and reliable Mobilis navigation and marker buoys to suit a variety of locations and applications.

Navigation Lights

Our Sabik Marine navigation lights and lanterns are ideal for use in a range of settings, including onshore and remote offshore locations.

Data Buoy Platforms

We offer data buoys in various sizes, which can be equipped with sensors and devices to gather a broad range of meteorological and oceanographic data.

Mooring Buoys

Our selection of Mobilis mooring buoys come in a range of sizes to suit most applications, from harbour and coastal locations to deep-sea conditions.

AIS & Monitoring

We supply a variety of AIS and monitoring solutions, including our own HydroWatch unit and HydroData portal, to provide complete visibility over your assets.

Power Supplies

We offer an array of solar power supplies for use on buoys and onshore applications, as well as stable DC mains solutions to suit the majority of applications.