data buoy


The new HydroWatch is a cutting-edge monitoring unit that provides real-time data from instrumentation and AtoN assets, enabling users to analyse trends, identify any anomalies and make informed decisions. With this information, users can benefit from improved operational efficiency, reduced downtime and cost savings. 

HydroWatch’s compact size allows it to be fitted within existing equipment enclosures or boxed as a standalone unit — compatible with many existing sensors and marine devices.

HydroData serves as a cloud-based monitoring portal for the HydroWatch unit. It offers a centralised platform to easily track and manage marine assets that may be dispersed across multiple locations or set in remote environments.

With its user-friendly HydroData web portal, the HydroWatch unit puts users in total control — enhancing marine asset management and overall business performance. 


For additional information, please contact Hydrosphere to discuss your requirements.