Like us, Mobilis believe in producing high-quality products, delivered to an exceptional standard and portray a huge amount of pride in the work they do. That’s why it is important for us to keep in regular contact with our supplier in France, and why we make sure to introduce new members of staff to the fantastic work Mobilis do.

In October, four members of the Hydrosphere team, including our two new recruits Gareth and Elvedin, travelled to Aix En Provence and met with the fantastic management, admin and design teams in their head office. After a trip to Agen, South West France, we were able to come to the main point of our visit, the Mobilis factory. This extraordinary place is run with such precision and care that, after every visit, we come away with a new idea or inspiration for our sales and engineering team back home. The high-quality materials and the fact that everything is produced on site is a major benefit to using Mobilis products; the rota-moulding machines are only used to make floats for the buoys, unlike other suppliers who use them to create a whole host of other plastic items. With an aluminium factory and paint shop also on site, the Mobilis team use their quality production methods and the best materials in order to produce the buoys in-house, on time and to the high standard we expect.


A highlight for our two new members of staff was the ability to actually assemble a buoy with the team on site. This eye-opening experience takes training to a whole new level; as seeing a JET 2500 buoy completed in less than half an hour, is a true testament to the efficiency of the Mobilis team.

Despite their location from our site in Alton, conveying customer customisation and alterations to the different components is never a problem. The team at Mobilis are adept at designing specifications to suit customer needs and are never afraid of a new challenge. Another factor which we consider to be a benefit of using this company is the materials they use; the polyethylene is rated UV22 structural and ultraviolet stabilized, which they use as standard on their products, this gives the buoy floats a fifteen-year colour life in UK latitudes. This is important under IALA regulations, as buoys have to keep their colour and are only allowed to fade by a small amount before they must be replaced. This small consideration ensures we are able to recommend Mobilis products to our own clients, safe in the knowledge that they are more than fit for purpose.

Overall, our trip to France cemented our reasons as to why we favour and will continue to use Mobilis products. Their workmanship and passion for quality is boosted with their excellent hospitality and our working relationship continues to develop every time we visit. We look forward to our next trip.

Mobilis buoy factory visit