Hydrosphere offers a variety of top marks and radar reflectors designed to be mounted on buoys and fixed structures. A range of sizes and configurations are available to suit all applications.

Marine-grade aluminium top mark radar reflectors
These top marks double up as radar reflectors and are recommended for most applications. Available as cylindrical, conical, spherical, special mark, isolated danger and cardinal configurations and in small, medium and large sizes.

Polyethylene top marks with internal radar reflector
Light, compact top marks suitable for smaller buoys that cannot carry a larger radar reflector or top mark. The top mark is constructed from polyethylene with an internally fitted marine-grade aluminium radar reflector.

Herikon plastic top marks
These flexible plastic top marks are used for larger buoys that need to withstand the harshest marine environments.

Polyethylene fish farm crosses
Available in small and large sizes, these top marks are designed for fish farms posts and buoys. An aluminium radar reflector can be mounted on the top along with a self-contained navigation light.

Marine-grade aluminium radar reflectors
For small buoys that already have a shaped hull/daymark floats, a radar reflector can be used in conjunction with a polyethylene top mark.

Top mark radar reflectors

For additional information, please contact Hydrosphere to discuss your requirements.