mooring installation


The agile HEKLEO-SX frequency racon is designed to measure the frequency of every incoming radar pulse and transmit a Morse code response back to the radar on that frequency.

Operating on both the S and X bands, the racon provides invaluable aid in all weather conditions. The HEKLEO-SX racon is compliant with the IMO regulations and IALA Recommendation R-101 on marine radar beacons.

It answers all active radars in the vicinity employing a side lobe suppression system to better discriminate which pulses to respond to. The length of the Morse code response matches the display range setting by programming the duration of the answer according to the incoming pulse length.

The racon has been designed for low power requirements and has a programmable idle time, saving energy and giving time for the navigator to check for the presence of echoes unintentionally hidden by the racon response. Additionally, if no radar is detected in the vicinity, the racon enters into a quiescent period where only the monitoring circuits are active.

The unit is easy to install and program. No special tools or training are required, and a standard laptop can be connected to the user port to check and program the racon. The racon is delivered with a user manual, power supply cable and programming cable.

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