In June, Hydrosphere had the pleasure of travelling to France to attend the 2023 Mobilis Strategic Committee Meeting. 

Over three days at the Hilton Garden Hotel in Bordeaux, Mobilis’ team of distributors gathered to share what they have been up to (for the first time since the pandemic!), and Hydrosphere had the chance to update attendees on our work with Mobilis. 

From the installation of a JET 7000 Q for Spirit Energy to the implementation of navigation and mooring buoys to protect seagrass, we shared our biggest projects since the last meeting, as well as our ongoing aids to navigation (AtoN) endeavours.   

For every distributor, the strategic committee meeting was a perfect opportunity to catch up on new projects, learn about leading products and get a peek into everything the buoy manufacturer has in the works…  

Tour de French factories

To kick off the event, the group of 10 distributors had the chance to visit the Mobilis rotational moulding and aluminium metalwork factories in Agen. 

Having its own rotational moulding facility means Mobilis can adapt quickly and efficiently to the needs of its customers and keep a close eye on the quality of every piece of equipment manufactured — ensuring they meet relevant compliance standards. 

We also visited Mobilis’ nearby aluminium factory, where its masts and accessory products are manufactured. Since acquiring this space in 2014, Mobilis’ output has skyrocketed, and a new facility was needed to increase production capacity.  

As a result, the buoy manufacturer recently moved to a larger factory to keep up with business demand. On our tour of Mobilis’ metal working facility, we were impressed to see their new 600-square-metre extension on the premises. 


Not only has Mobilis bolstered its production with a bigger space, but it has also upgraded its equipment with new machines for welding metal and polyethene — helping to reduce costs and control quality.  

To further advance its processes and strengthen its position as the leading manufacturer of AtoN equipment, Mobilis is also looking to invest in an additional rotational-moulding machine. Plus, it is currently expanding its team with new engineers and 3D drafters to reduce lead times and keep operations running smoothly. 

Making waves with sustainable solutions 

Of course, the strategic committee meeting highlighted all of Mobilis’ leading products — but its sustainable and environmentally mooring solutions took centre stage. 

When designing sustainable maritime solutions, Mobilis considers three main aspects: design, production and recyclability.  


The environmental impact of a product’s life cycle starts at the design stage. As such, Mobilis’ buoys are created with 100% recyclable materials that can withstand even the most extreme conditions at sea.  


Mobilis’ equipment is manufactured locally in France, and the company has control of its processes from start to finish. Plus, it works with subcontractors that have the same rigorous buoy manufacturing specifications to ensure first-class quality and compliance. 

Once the products are ready, they are shipped out — now one of the most environmentally friendly methods of commercial transportation — in eco-responsible packaging. 


All manufacturing waste — such as power electronics, machines and drives (PEMD), aluminium and steel — can be easily recycled or recovered for future use.  

Floating ideas around

The Mobilis strategic committee meeting is always a fantastic opportunity to share industry updates, give advice and bounce ideas among like-minded organisations — and the round table and commercial group discussions were the perfect chances to get stuck in. 

With every industry comes a healthy dose of competition (the Mobilis distributors can all agree on that). But one thing that will never sway our stance as the providers of leading AToN and maritime equipment is that we aim to sell the best products for the job.  

Mobilis continues to produce the most reliable, high-quality solutions and invests heavily in them — which is what makes us proud to be Mobilis’ distributor for the British Isles.  

With new products in the pipeline and the recent acquisition of the Meteo France tender, now is an exciting time for Mobilis and its partners. Though we may not be able to share all the secrets, we can tell you there is much to come (so keep your eyes peeled)… 

Until then, Hydrosphere provides a wide range of Mobilis aids to navigation and maritime equipment. Browse our selection of Mobilis navigation, mooring and data buoys and get in touch with our friendly team at 01420 520374 or to discuss your requirements.