Founded in 1994, we are now firmly established as the UK and Ireland’s leading supplier of marine aids to navigation.

Over the years, we have built a strong reputation for providing high-quality, reliable and cost-effective solutions to the industry from quality manufacturers such as Mobilis, Vega, Carmanah, Sabik Marine, Ekta and Carlier Chaines SAS.

For years, we have represented world-leading innovators in the marine sector. Now, it’s time to take on the world of obstruction and aviation lighting as we launch our new website selling Flash Technology’s well-renowned products to the UK and Ireland.

Industry-leading solutions

As a member of the SPX Corporation family, Flash Technology provides advanced LED and xenon lighting solutions and systems to support their reliable operation.

Since 1970, the company has designed and manufactured industry-leading obstruction lighting solutions for a variety of applications — from wind farms and railyards to utility and telecoms towers.

The manufacturer is well-known for providing critical lighting and hazard markings in some of the toughest conditions around the world — with clients ranging from the US Coast Guard, NASA and military organisations to corporations and municipalities.

Long-lasting performance and reliability

Flash Technology is trusted worldwide to reliably protect tower cranes, bridges, buildings and other structures — and its products are ideal for use throughout various markets, across a range of different applications.

The medium to high-intensity AC and DC obstruction lights offer durable, long-lasting solutions for communications towers, cranes, utilities, wind farms and other structures. To maintain awareness of operational status, these systems can also be monitored through dry contacts, SNMP, satellite and more.

Flash Technology’s solar-powered LED hazard and obstruction marking lights are durable and reliable in the harshest environments — from extreme desert heat to freezing arctic temperatures. The cableless, out-of-the-box solutions can be installed in minutes and provide long-lasting performance and battery service life, even in poor weather conditions.

On the launch, our Managing Director John Caskey, said: “From wind turbine lighting to infrastructure and crane lights, we’re proud to bring Flash Technology’s leading range of products to customers in the UK and Ireland. Through our full installation and maintenance service, we guarantee every part of our customers’ obstruction lighting requirements will be taken care of — and that we’ll be there from start to finish of every project.”

To find out more about Flash Technology’s obstruction lighting solutions or to discuss a potential project with us, please visit today or get in touch through