Oil & Gas

We supply low-maintenance, high-quality hazardous area-approved marking for offshore oil and gas sites including navigation buoys, navigation lights for fixed and floating structures, fog signals, data buoy platforms, and remote monitoring either by GSM, satellite or AIS.

Navigation Lights 
Solar-powered marine LED navigation lights for use on fixed and floating structures. The Vega VLB-2 is an ideal 2NM lights for marking monopiles whilst the Vega VLB-36 XL is suitable for temporary marking of larger structures requiring up to 6NM range. All lights are able to exhibit all standard IALA flash characters.

Navigation Buoys

We offer a range of world-leading Mobilis buoys suitable for offshore applications. The Mobilis modular JET buoys range from 3.0m – 2.4m hull diameter and are suitable for offshore and deep water locations where a large, highly visible navigation buoy is required. All buoys are compliant with IALA recommendations and have options for remote monitoring with alarms via GSM or satellite.

Power Systems
Solar power systems like the STSM 85 EX Solar Module and battery modules including the SBE 130 EX Battery Box are available for hazardous areas and designed to operate in the harshest conditions.

Fog Signals & Detectors 
Visibility detectors such as the FD 7100 Ex and 2.0NM to 0.5NM compact, omnidirectional foghorns including the FW 6 Ex Fog Signal and FW 1 Ex Fog Signal emit sound through 360°. All designed for offshore installation.

Support Structures
A custom-built, self contained AtoN system is available for use with solar and battery power options.

The Helkeo –SX is an S- and X-band frequency agile Racon that can be installed on navigation buoys.

Automated Identification Systems such as the Kanaton AIS Transponder Type 1 and Type 3 broadcast position, identity and navigation status.

Monitoring and Control
Remote monitoring systems by GSM or satellite for monitoring and controlling a set of fixed AtoN including: navigation lights, obstruction lights, fog signals, AIS, racons, signage, sonar transponders, two-way communication and GPS

System Design, Configuration and Documentation
All design, configuration, documentation, supply, installation, maintenance and removal of products is available