These high-powered precision sector navigation lights are ideal for harbours with narrow or difficult approaches.

The LED lights provide a cost-effective solution where precise navigation is required and traditional leading marks are impractical. It can be configured for day/night operation and is available in red, green and white. The lights have been designed to take advantage of the latest energy-efficient LED technology and are ideal for solar-powered sites.

The modular design allows up to seven projectors to be placed side by side to create unique sector angles, flash patterns and intensities. This enables the projectors to handle a variety of navigation tasks: single-sector applications to mark danger areas or vessel turning points, lane separation for two-way traffic, parallel channel marking, a two-station range system or marking a marine reserve or boundary.

The lightweight marine-grade aluminium construction makes the units light and easy to handle, and the maintenance-free design (no moving parts) saves both money and time.


VLS-46 Ultra

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