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Solar power supplies

Hydrosphere provides a selection of self-contained solar power supplies for use on buoys and onshore applications where an external power supply is required for lighting or other electrical equipment.

Five standard self-contained models are available: PS 314, PS 20, PS 55 and PS 95 manufactured by Mobilis, and the SP 50.

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Mains power supplies

Modern LED marine navigation lights typically operate from a stabilised 12 VDC power supply if one is available. Hydrosphere offers a selection of custom-built power supplies to suit the majority of applications. They all provide a stable DC output, although they vary in the maximum current they can handle.

All power supplies are offered in weatherproof enclosures, except one which is designed to fit within the integral weatherproof enclosure of our galvanised steel mast.

All power supplies are accompanied by installation instructions and are easy to install by a competent electrician. Alternatively, Hydrosphere offers installation and commissioning of all equipment.

light buoys scotland
made in britain


Contrary to popular belief, solar panels do not actually power navigation lights. The purpose of the solar panels is to recharge a battery or bank of batteries during the day —which, in turn, powers the light during the night.

Fitting the correct size of solar panel and battery is very important. The batteries must be sized to allow the light to operate for several days, even when there is little or no solar input in the winter months. Normally a reserve capacity of 30 days is allowed, but this is usually reduced for fixed lights such as jetty lights.

Solar regulators are another important part of a solar-powered system, as they control the power output by the solar panel and safely charge the battery.

Hydrosphere offers a range of sealed deep-cycle batteries and regulators to suit the needs of a solar-powered or battery-backed mains system.

For additional information, please contact Hydrosphere to discuss your requirements.