After over a decade, Hydrosphere bids a fond farewell to its partner in Ireland, All in a Shell, with the retirement of its Founder and Director Michael Barry. (2nd August 2013)

Established in 1992 as a service company supplying to the rapidly expanding shellfish and aquaculture industry in Ireland, All in a Shell quickly became the ideal partner to provide more cost effective, efficient and well-maintained Aids to Navigation to Ireland’s marine industry on behalf of Hydrosphere.  Over the years, All in a Shell has successfully delivered AtoN solutions to Ireland’s largest Ports including Dublin, Shannon Foynes, Cork, and Waterford as well as supplying Ireland’s Harbour Boards and County Councils.  As more wind, wave energy and oil sites are developed off the coast of Ireland, All in a Shell leaves Hydrosphere well positioned to continue to provide local focus and attention to the Irish market.

Hydrosphere would like to take this opportunity to wish Michael all the very best in his future endeavours and to thank him once again for his contribution to Hydrosphere UK Ltd.

Jeff Gibson, Hydrosphere Sales Director for the UK and Ireland, supersedes Michael Barry as the main point of contact for Hydrosphere in Ireland.  Jeff is based in Hydrosphere’s Scottish office at Fife Renewables Innovation Centre and can be contacted on + 44 (0)1333 422000 or

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