Project Description

Traffic Light

Control Systems

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To control port traffic signals, bridge or lock lights Hydrosphere supply an electronic control system, custom designed for each installation. This can handle complete or restricted light combinations over one or more sets of lights.

Light repeaters are included to verify correct operation of remote lights. The system utilises a 240v a.c. power supply with optional 24hr battery backup.

The control system communicates with a lamp control unit at each light signal site. Sites remote from the control site can be connected by cable, up to 1000m in length, or a radio connection can be used for distances up to 10km.

At each light signal site the lamp control unit drives the signal lights. Light output can be monitored and fed back to the main control system. A mains power supply is required at the site. A 24hr battery backup can be provided as can a solar power supply, depending on the lights required.



  • Custom designed control system enclosure for each installation, normally to IP66
  • Complete or restricted light combinations, IALA Recommendation E-111 compliant
  • Light repeaters to verify correct operation of remote lamps
  • Optional 24hr battery backup
  • Indication of mains failure at remote sites where battery backup option has been specified
  • Indication of battery status where battery backup option has been specified
  • Single or multiple lamp control systems for any installation
  • Each lamp control output monitors lamp function when selected
  • Optional solar power supply for lamp control units depending on lights required