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SRT Carbon AIS

Standard OEM

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The SRT Carbon AIS AtoN uses advanced core technology to offer ultra-low power consumption and energy efficiency.

Developed using SRT Marine Technology’s third generation technology, Carbon can operate in either Type 1 (transmit only via FATDMA channel access) or Type 3 (transmit and receive using RATDMA channel access).

Carbon offers the ultimate functionality and integration options, including accurate environment monitoring via optional sensor board. The toughened, triple protected shell incorporates an internal GPS antenna and optional sensor interface module.

Tested and internationally approved to the highest specifications, Carbon’s reliable core technology allows it to be installed on a buoy and left for years without maintenance, whilst simple installation and configuration ensures risk-free operation.



  • Enhanced sensor module for environmental data monitoring
  • Military spec connectors allow simple integration into any system
  • Simple installation, configuration and operation
  • Fully tested and internationally approved to the highest standard
  • Enhanced environmental protection ensures reliable operation and optimum field performance
  • Supplied with GPS antenna (internal or external) and fixing bracket
  • 12 to 24VDC power supply