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Hydrosphere provide robust and reliable aquaculture solutions to the marine industry and have done so for more that 18 years.

Navigation Lights
We provide  range of solar powered, marine LED navigation lights for use on fixed and floating structures. These include the Vega VLB-2 and the Vega VLB-67. All lights are able to exhibit all IALA flash characters.

Navigation Buoys
We offer choice of 1.2m diameter buoys such as the Mobilis T1200 and the M 1200 designed to comply with NLB and CIL recommendations and suitable for various locations from inshore mussel farms to offshore deepwater finfish sites.

Radar Reflectors
A range of active-passive radar reflectors and target enhancers for marine use. Including the EchoMax 230 and 305 FPMS and ActiveX Band and XS Dual Band Radar Reflector.

Marker Posts and Crosses
The VLB-2 and VLB-67 can be easily fixed onto a 2.4m tall marker post mounted to a fish cage.

HDPE Mounting Plates
Designed for rail, pole and wall mounting including aquaculture farms, masts and poles, and wind farm harbour walls.

Barge Light
The VLB-2 is highly suitable as a barge light, with the addition of an optional sector plate for Port, Starboard and Stern lighting.

Ancillary Equipment
In addition, we design and manufacture solar and mains power supplies, monitoring and control systems, masts and moorings, and back these up with a full installation and maintenance service.