The Marine Institute, Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), Hydraulics and Maritime Research Centre (HMRC) and SmartBay Ireland have sourced funding through Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) to install 4km of subsea cable to the SEAI Ocean Energy Test Site situated in Galway Bay. (11th June 2013)

SmartBay Ireland will manage the facility, which will include two undersea research nodes with 400v power and high speed data communications via 10 pairs of optical fibres.
The nodes can host a complement of client sensors, which can be tested and demonstrated in near real time. A power buoy will also be installed at the site which will provide power to and dissipate power from prototype Wave Energy Converters.

Hydrosphere supplied the Mobilis DB 8000 data buoy platform to Techworks Marine who then fitted this with their equipment to create a bespoke instrumentation platform for the SmartBay Ireland buoy.

To read the full article online published in Wind Energy Network click here and go to pages 32-33.

*Image courtesy of J. Ryan, Marine Institute, Ireland.

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