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Sabik VRB-25 LED

Suitable for replacing traditional lighthouse filament lights, the VRB-25 LED is a rotating beacon providing an intense, focused light.

The VRB-25 can operate in remote solar-powered locations, on unattended sites, without a lighthouse for protection and with minimal maintenance (once annually at most).

Designed to meet US specifications for an accurate replacement lighthouse beacon, the VRB-25’s key design features are its precision optics, which are achieved through optical-grade acrylic resin and a reliable rotating mechanism.

The light uses centrally mounted ball-bearing races with rubber seals to help reduce friction and has a ‘direct-drive’ motor, with no moving parts susceptible to wear or breakage. The electronic motor contains an optical so that it can retain its rated speed to within 3%. It has a speed range of between 0.5-15 rpm.

Lenses can be accurately matched within 5% of each other and are available in red and green.

For additional information, please contact Hydrosphere to discuss your requirements.