At this year’s Ocean Business event, taking place between Tuesday 9th and Thursday 11th April, Hydrosphere UK Ltd will be revealing their latest data buoy platform, the DB 650. (10th Apr 2013)

Designed by world-leading buoy manufacturer Mobilis, the DB 650 is a robust, flexible platform suitable for inshore and estuary use in up to 50m water depth.

The DB 650 has a 1.2m diameter hull with 650Kg buoyancy and can be used for a wide variety of applications. Despite its compact size it retains features of the larger Mobilis data buoy platforms including a robust central structure with through-hull access for underwater instrumentation and cabling. Buoyancy is provided by multiple-section rotationally moulded polyethylene (MDPE) floats, which are bolted around the structure.

The DB 650 can be supplied as a hull-only assembly for customers to fit their own towers. Alternatively, Hydrosphere can supply a variety of towers to suit individual focal heights, payloads, and power requirements. The modular design makes the buoy easy to handle and transport and means it can be quickly redeployed with a different equipment configuration if required.

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