The days of traditional lighthouses are almost over. With the prevalence of electronic navigation aids, the general lighthouse authorities have reduced the specified ranges required for existing long-range lights.

navigation boat lights

In addition, advances in electronic light technology mean that LED beacons can now achieve night ranges of up to 30+ NM at 0.74 T and maintain sharp boundary resolution. LED lights are replacing incandescent bulbs as they require virtually no maintenance, consume less power and are easily run from a solar power supply.

Hydrosphere offers a range of long-range lights for lighthouses, sector and leading lights. These high-powered, high-efficiency LED lights are intended for applications requiring very high intensity and range. These flexible light solutions come with different vertical divergences and ranges and can be configured for multiple colours (red, white, green).

Some of the lights can operate in remote solar-powered locations, on unattended sites and without a lighthouse for protection — only requiring maintenance once a year at most.

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