Project Description

Mobilis ES 450

Spar Buoy

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The Mobilis ES 450 is a lightweight, low cost, spar buoy suitable for use in nearshore and river locations where a buoy with a low waterplane area is required.

The rotationally moulded spar is made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) giving the buoy a very strong yet lightweight structure that enables it to be handled by small craft without the use of lifting equipment.

Due to its low mass its mooring and sinker weights can be light, making this spar buoy particularly suitable for seasonal or short-term deployment.

The ES 450 is available as a green conical model for Starboard Lateral marking or in a red cylindrical model for Port Lateral marks.

The buoy can also be fitted with light mountings for the Vega VLB-2 navigation light, which will provide a visible range of up to 2 miles, and a typical focal plane of 1.3m.



  • Available as Port and Starboard Lateral mark configurations
  • UV stabilised HDPE construction – retains colour within IALA guidelines for more than 15 years
  • Virtually no maintenance
  • Lightweight moorings and sinkers
  • Suitable for 2NM self contained light
  • Easy to deploy Highly suitable for seasonal or short-term use
  • Built-in radar reflector

Buoy Configurations