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Installation & Maintenance

a Complete Compliant Solution

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Hydrosphere are able to deliver a complete Aids to Navigation solution from initial design and supply of the aid, right through to deployment and ongoing maintenance. Where necessary, this can include a detailed site study for problematic locations and the construction of bespoke products at our warehouse for unique applications. All of our solutions are fully compliant with IALA recommendations.

We can test and install your Aid to Navigation for you to ensure it is safely and effectively deployed. We have deployed buoys and lights for a number of ports, harbours and renewable wind farms including: ABP, Grimsby, Argyle and Bute Council, Blackwall East Estates, British Waterways, Canterbury City Council, Centric Renewable Energy, Shoreham Harbour, Newhaven Harbour, Port of London, Poole Harbour Commissioning, Sovereign Harbour, Fowey Harbours, Sheringham Shoal and Greater Gabbard.

Even with long-lasting applications, regular maintenance checks can greatly prolong the service of your Aid to Navigation, power supply and ancillary equipment. We offer a choice of scheduled and ad-hoc maintenance services carried out by qualified engineers for all fixed and floating applications. In addition, we have a team of engineers on hand to respond to emergency repairs, buoy and beacon casualties, or simply to support maintenance, replacement and removal work.



  • Lifting of all buoys and moorings, including sinker, to deck
  • Cleaning and high-pressure water jetting
  • Cleaning and inspection of lights to ensure correct operation
  • Inspection of power supply
  • Inspection of topmarks
  • Inspection of moorings and lifting eyes
  • Inspection of shackles and bridle
  • Deployment of buoy in assigned position with confirmation of correct positioning within 5m using DGPS
  • Monthly reports with daily records obtained from automatic monitoring systems if mounted on the buoys