Project Description

Aqua Power Technologies AquaNode

Wave Sensor Solution

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The AquaNode is a lightweight, low-power and low-cost wave data sensor solution.

Through this sensor solution, users can view wave data in near real-time, set alerts and create automated messages. The platform provides users with a complete and versatile system for capturing and analysing wave data, enabling anyone working on the water to incorporate the conditions into their everyday risk assessments.

Is it safe to get onto a ship at the normal pilot boarding station? Is it getting too rough to stay on the fish farm? Is it too rough to berth the ferry? What are the historical conditions on an exposed berth?

The AquaNode sensor can be retrofitted to new or existing buoy platforms — providing wave sensing functionality with minimal impact on the power resource budget available on the platform, due to the sensor’s low power-consumption rate.

This sensor solution is available either with an output to feed into another system or with a modem to transmit the data directly by GSM or satellite. A high sampling frequency enables accurate wave data measurements, whilst the option for serial, cell and satellite communication ensures the transmission of data in any configuration, and in any location.

When configured to transmit using serial, the sensor will communicate via cable with other serial supporting devices, such as IP buffers. When configured to transmit with cell or iridium, the only requirements are to provide a DC power input between 8–12V and connect SMA-terminated antennas. With the requirements met, the all-in-one wave sensing solution will transmit processed wave data to the online web platform AQUASTAT IoT or our HydroData portal.



  • Small, lightweight and low cost
  • Serial, cell or satellite transmission

  • HS, Hmax, Tz, TP and direction

  • Compatible with Aquastat IoT and HydroData

  • High sampling frequency

  • Variable data update intervals

  • GPS tracking and geofencing

  • IP68 sealed housing

  • 8-24v DC power input

  • Customisable cable lengths

  • 10mA power consumption*