Project Description

Active X and XS Band

Radar Target Enhancers

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Hydrosphere supply radar reflectors and radar target enhancers for use on a range of fixed and floating structures including navigation buoys, data buoy platforms, renewable energy sites and oil and gas structures.

The Echomax Active-X Radar Target Enhancer receives a signal from transmitting radar, amplifies it and returns a stronger signal, helping to alert oncoming vessels of a buoy’s/structure’s position.

The Active-XS Radar Target Enhancer amplifies and returns a stronger signal to both X and S Band Radar, improving the radar cross section of the buoy/ structure and increasing the likelihood of detection.



  • Reception frequency: X Band radar 9.3-9.5 GHz
    S Band Radar 2.9-3.1 GHz
  • Operating temperature: -20 to -60 ° C
  • Voltage: 12V DC + 30% -10%
    (voltage surge and cross polarity protected)
  • Current consumption on standby: X Band radar <15mA
    XS Band radar <23mA
  • Position accuracy: Within 1 metre
  • Multiple mooring attachments
  • EIRP: 1W (typically)