Ports and Harbours

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IALA have published recommendations for International Port Traffic Signals (IPTS) to control traffic movements in ports and port approaches. Click here for the IALA Documents for their Recommendation E-111 on Port Traffic Signals.

The complete set of lights is shown in the diagram. It may be that in some ports only one or two of the main messages will suffice.

Hydrosphere is able to supply a range of LED lights that are suitable for use as Port Traffic Signals. The choice of light will depend on the required day and night ranges and the field of view.

In many situations, messages will not be the same in every direction and the signals will be directional. Some signals, however, may be “all round” when intended for all vessels simultaneously. The port may require one, two or more sets of lights.

To control these lights Hydrosphere supply an electronic control system, custom designed for each installation. This can handle complete or restricted light combinations over one or more sets of lights. Remote radio link control is also possible.

Day and Night Range

When using lights as traffic signals, the difference between daytime and nighttime ranges must be considered. A light can be seen from a much greater distance in the dark. To get the same range in daylight requires a much greater intensity. Click here to see Vega Range Table.

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