Project Description

Vega VLB-73

Wide Sector Precision Light

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The Vega VSL-73 is an advanced, wide angle LED sector light providing a cost effective solution where precise navigation is required and traditional leading marks are impractical. It is highly suited for updating incandescent sector lights with a modern LED unit with enhanced clarity of flash character purity of light colour.

The VSL-73 can be configured for day and night operation and has a range of up to 12NM by night and 0.6 by day. It has an angle of uncertainty of less than half a degree at the sector boundaries. To maximize energy efficiency only the LEDs required for the sectoring are used, thereby significantly reducing the cost for any solar powered applications.

A full unit consists of 6-lens layers that can be the same colour or made up from different colours. A full unit in one colour will typically have a range of 10NM at 0.74T. (2 full units in white give a range of 12NM).

The VSL-73 is available in any combination from a half unit to a maximum of 3 units highand so can be customized for a particular application taking into account the required range, colours, and sector angles.

The sector angles are created using a mask fitted inside the outer acrylic wall. This provides a beacon that is suitable for outside use (IP67) and is easy to install and align.



  • Up to 10NM range
  • Suitable for fixed platforms and lighthouses
  • Optional GPS synchronisation
  • High performance precision optics
  • Cost-effective and easy to maintain
  • Low power consumption for long lasting, consistent operation
  • Web-based calculators to help ensure optimum performance
  • Able to exhibit all standard IALA flash character