Project Description

Vega VLB-5 Wreck

Wreck Marking LED Light

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The VLB-5-SCSS is also available as a wreck marking light conforming with IALA Recommendation O-133. It is designed for applications requiring a 2 to 4NM range at 0.74T for use on medium sized buoys such as the JET 2500 and JET 2000 navigation buoys and the DB 2000 data buoy platform.

As with the non-wreck version the self contained model is a solar powered with 7.2W total solar panels & 12Ah battery. The self contained solar light comes available in 2 models, standard and large.The light was previously named the VLB-67.

The large self contained model can be used for high latitude or high duty applications with 14.4 total solar panels and either 12 or 24Ah batteries. The battery used in the Self Contained unit is a long life GEL lead acid unit capable to be used down to a temperature of -20° Celsius.

The use of highly efficient optics and electronics has resulted in high energy efficiency. The low energy needs of the beacon reduces the solar panel and battery requirements in the overall design. Vertical divergence of the lens at 50% of the peak intensity is better than 7 degrees.



  • Optional GPS synchronisation
  • Yellow and blue alternating light
  • Hard wire synchronisation
  • 3 or 4-hole mounting on 200 PCD
  • Waterproof body to IP68
  • Replaceable battery pack
  • Easy programming
  • Day/night transition level settings
  • Programmable flash characters
  • Synchronisation control including master/slave options and sync delay
  • Programmable sleep and test modes and low battery voltage cut out