Project Description

Vega VLB-5 OB

Obstruction Light

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The obstacle light is an extension of the Vega VLB-5 LED Beacon range for applications where a wide asymmetrical vertical profile is required such as marking bridges and other hazards. The light meets the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) for Type A obstacle lights.

The VLB-5 Obstacle Light can be mounted upside down to beam the light downwards from the horizontal. This light was previously known as the VLB-67

The light has minimum intensity of 10 Candela required for Type A obstacle light at 6° and 10° above the horizontal and peak intensity at 8° above horizontal.The light meets IALA chromaticity recommendations.



  • RS-232 or RS-485 Data Port
  • GPS synchronisation
  • Hard wire synchronisation for Self Contained unit (standard on Standalone unit)
  • Hard wire synchronisation converter(to work with positive transition sync signals)
  • 12 years design life
  • 3 or 4-hole mounting on a 200 PCD
  • Waterproof body to IP68
  • Solar power packs to operate as a self contained unit