Project Description

Vega VLB-36 Wreck

Wreck Light

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The VLB-36 standalone light is available as an emergency wreck marker beacon conforming with IALA recommendation O-133 (December 2005). The two-tier VLB-36 produces an alternating blue and yellow flash with a range of up to 4NM.

The wreck light has up to 15 programmable effective intensity settings. Once set the VLB-36 provides automatic Schmidt-Clausen correction to increase intensity for the flash character and maintain the effective range of the light. The output intensity cannot exceed the maximum candela output of the beacon.

The use of highly efficient optics and electronics has resulted in high energy efficiency. The low energy needs of the beacon reduce the solar panel and battery requirements in the overall design. Vertical divergence of the lens at 50% of the peak intensity is better than 7 degrees.



  • Rugged and efficient solution
  • Low power consumption for long lasting, consistent operation
  • Nine on/off daylight settings
  • Up to 246 standard flash characters with an additional programmable custom character
  • Synch delay up to 9.9 seconds
  • Programmable battery low cut-off force ultra low current mode
  • External GPS synchronisation using the Vega VSU-29 GPS Sync Unit
  • VegaWeb web or SMS based monitoring system interface