Project Description

Vega VLB-36 SS XL

Self Contained Navigation Light

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The VLB-36 SS XL is the extra large model of the self contained solar VLB-36 navigation light. The light is suitable for fixed and floating aids to navigation and has a range of up to 6NM at night in the UK and Ireland. 

It is available with two vertical divergence options: 7° as standard and 10°as optional. The large self contained unit comprises solar panels, battery, battery housing, regulator, electronic controls and light source in a single compact package. It is available in red, green, white, yellow and blue (on request). All colours meet the IALA chromaticity recommendation.

The light has a unique optical system that utilises an acrylic lens to maximise the light capture from the LEDs. These have been maximised for buoy applications by shaping the optical performance for higher output across the vertical divergence of the light. The use of high efficient optics and electronics has resulted in energy efficiency as high as 90 Candela per Watt at 5NM. The energy efficiency of the light reduces the solar panel and battery requirements in the overall design.

The base of the solar pack contains threaded inserts to take 3 x M12 bolts. A stainless steel adapter plate is available where 4-hole mounting is required.

The VLB-36 XL is part of the navigation light range available to rent from Hydrosphere Rentals Ltd. Click here to visit the website.



  • Up to 6NM range
  • Solar powered
  • Suitable for buoy and fixed platform applications
  • Optional synchronisation
  • High performance precision optics
  • Self contained light for a single compact package
  • Cost-effective and easy to maintain
  • Low power consumption for long lasting, consistent operation
  • Web-based calculators to help ensure optimum performance
  • Replaceable battery pack
  • Able to exhibit all standard IALA flash characters