Project Description

Vega VLB-2

Self Contained Navigation Light

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A recent addition to Vega’s LED marine beacon range, the VLB-2 is a high capacity self contained solar light designed to provide 2NM performance in high latitude applications.

The light is suitable for use on small buoys such as a T 1200 or DB 650 and is suitable for aquaculture applications as can be easily fitted onto a 2.4m tall marker-post or mounted to a fish cage. The light comprises solar panels, battery, battery housing, regulator, electronic controls and light source in a single compact package.

The beacon is available in 5 colours – red, green, white, yellow and blue – and has 246 flash characters and one customisable flash character setting. All colours meet the IALA chromaticity requirements. Energy efficiency optics reduces the solar panel and battery requirements in the overall design.  The unit can use a 1 x 9AH battery for standard applications or 2 x 9AH batteries for extended life.

A waterproof cavity in base can be used to extend the functionality of the beacon. On the Standalone unit this space allows the fitting of a power supply to create a mains powered beacon.

The Vega VLB-2 is part of the navigation light range available to rent from Hydrosphere Rentals Ltd. Click here to visit the website.



  • 2NM range
  • Optional GPS synchronisation
  • Exhibits all standard IALA flash characters
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight & robust
  • Replaceable battery pack
  • 3 or 4-hole mounting on a 150mm PCD
  • Waterproof to IP68
  • External charging plug and hardwired sync wire
  • 12 years design life