Project Description

Mara Mooring Buoy

Mooring System

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Revolutionary mooring system

The new revolutionary mooring system by Mara offers an easy to use, reliable solution. With a pick up point at deck level, the Mara buoy is visible and low maintenance.

Offering a static mooring line, this buoy has high levels of structural integrity with the option to fully customise the graphics. Choose from the 10:100S, 15:100 S, 15:100 D, 15:150 D or the NEW 10:75 S – offering a ranged breaking load appropriate for your environment.

Mara buoy static


  • A new deck-level mooring system

  • Safe – Pick up point at deck level

  • Easy to use

  • Reliable

  • Visible

  • Low maintenance

  • Various options available

Mara buoy red