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Chains & Moorings

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Hydrosphere supplies complete mooring systems from cast-iron sinker to chains, swivels and shackles, all of which are available to purchase or to rent.

High quality long link chains are available from 60mm-6mm diameter. Constructed from highly resistant manganese alloyed steel, the chains offer a good compromise between price, weight and resistance. The inside width of the chain link allows fitting of shackles without the need for special end links. Every chain link is individually tested and, where required, certified by Lloyds or Bureaux Veritas. Swivel forerunners are available to fit all available chain sizes.

Hydrosphere also offer a selection of anchor shackles – used to join the swivel end of the chain cable to the main anchor shackle, as well as buoy shackles designed for long term mooring of marker and mooring buoys. The large external conical pin of the buoy shackle makes for easy handling and inspection with a strong diameter and ‘T’ form. All shackles are specifically designed to offer an extremely high resistance to wear and corrosion in harsh sea conditions, with a reinforced body and axle forged from the same manganese alloy steel material.

Cast-iron sinker weights are available from 5 tons to 500Kg.

For more information on rental options click here to visit Hydrosphere Rentals Ltd website.



  • 60mm-6mm nominal diameter chains
  • Individually tested chain links
  • Manganese alloyed steel chains and swivels
  • Certified by Lloyds and Bureau Veritas where required
  • 5 ton – 500Kg sinkers
  • Easy-to-handle and inspect