Project Description

Aqua Power Technologies AquaNode

Wave Data Buoy

The AquaNode is a small-scale, lightweight and low-cost wave data buoy solution — ideal for gathering wave data in harsh conditions.

This wave data buoy is very well suited to safety-critical and scientific applications in the offshore environment. Thanks to the real-time transmission of data, the AquaNode wave data buoy provides users with the ability to make informed decisions using up-to-date data on wave conditions. This data helps generate knowledge and understanding of local conditions, allowing users to make ‘Go’ or ‘No-Go’ decisions on safety-critical tasks, increase productivity and ensure offshore time is maximised.

The AquaNode is supplied as a complete system inclusive of a buoy, electronics pod, mooring line, mooring hardware and mooring block. The only variation between systems is the mooring line, which is dependent on water depth at the desired deployment location. The wave monitoring sensor can also be retrofitted to existing buoys.

Wave data captured by the AquaNode is transmitted by either local cell or satellite networks to the HydroData portal.

Aqua Power Technologies AquaNode Wave Data Buoy


  • Suitable for offshore oil & gas, offshore wind farms, ports & harbours, aquaculture and ocean energy systems
  • High sampling frequency enables accurate wave data measurements

  • Option for cell and satellite communication

  • High-density polyethylene hull

  • Hermetically machine sealed IP68 electronics pod

  • Measure a range of data parameters, including wave height maximum (HMax), wave height average (TAvg), wave height significant (Hs), dominant wave direction (°), wave mean period (Tm), wave peak period (Tp), temperature (°C) and GPS position (DMS)

  • Mass in air: 31.1kg

  • Dimensions: 750mm Ø x 391mm

Aqua Power Technologies AquaNode Wave Data Buoy