Vega VLB-5 Wreck


Vega VLB-5 Wreck Wreck Marking LED Light Download DataSheet The VLB-5-SCSS is also available as a wreck marking light conforming with IALA Recommendation O-133. It is designed for applications requiring a 2 to 4NM range at 0.74T for use on medium sized buoys such as the JET 2500 [...]

Vega VLB-36 Wreck


Vega VLB-36 Wreck Wreck Light Download DataSheet The VLB-36 standalone light is available as an emergency wreck marker beacon conforming with IALA recommendation O-133 (December 2005). The two-tier VLB-36 produces an alternating blue and yellow flash with a range of up to 4NM. The wreck light has up [...]