Vega VLL-43


Vega VLL-43 Linear Leading Light Download DataSheet The Vega VLL-43 linear leading light is a directional light with a range of up to 0.75NM in daylight and 11NM at night. Multiple units can be used together to increase the range. The beam of the light has a vertical [...]

Vega VRL-74


Vega VLB-74 Long Range LED Light Download DataSheet The VRL-74 is a long range, LED marine beacon intended for applications requiring high intensity. Incorporating the latest in LED lens technology, the light uses multiple light sources to provide the required range of light and horizontal and vertical divergences. [...]

Vega VRL-91


Vega VRL-91 Long Range LED Light Download DataSheet The VRL-91 Uni-Mega is a long range beacon forming part of the Vega LED marine beacon family. Providing a low-maintenance solution compared to conventional filament lamps, the VRL-91 is specifically intended for applications requiring a very high intensity light, such [...]