Oceanwise – Port-Log Data

Oceanwise - Port-Log Data System Cloud based management and publishing of monitoring data Download DataSheet Cloud based management and publishing of monitoring data The Port-Log data system provides a quality environmental data sharing and publishing solution for when you need to monitor weather, tidal and other environmental [...]

Sabik LightGuard Monitor & Mobile App

LightGuard Monitor & Mobile App LightGuard DataSheet LightGuard Monitor DataSheet LightGuard Monitor & Mobile App Web-based remote monitoring software With LightGuard Monitor you can monitor coastal sections or large seaports with hundreds of objects as well as smaller working ports or marinas with only a few [...]

SRT Carbon AIS

SRT Carbon AIS Standard OEM Download DataSheet The SRT Carbon AIS AtoN uses advanced core technology to offer ultra-low power consumption and energy efficiency. Developed using SRT Marine Technology’s third generation technology, Carbon can operate in either Type 1 (transmit only via FATDMA channel access) or Type 3 (transmit [...]

KanAtoN AIS Transponder

KanAtoN AIS Transponder Type 1 and Type 3 Download DataSheet Kanaton transponders type 1 and type 3 are Automatic Identification System (AIS) for aids to navigation including data buoys, renewable wind and wave energy sites, and oil and gas platforms. Broadcasting information regarding an AtoNs identity, position, battery condition and navigation [...]

Traffic Light

Traffic Light Control Systems Download DataSheet To control port traffic signals, bridge or lock lights Hydrosphere supply an electronic control system, custom designed for each installation. This can handle complete or restricted light combinations over one or more sets of lights. Light repeaters are included to verify correct operation of remote [...]

Vega VSU-29

Vega VSU-29 GPS Synchronisation Unit Download DataSheet The VSU-29 GPS Sync Unit uses the GPS time signal to synchronise the operation of navigation lights. Two sync wires are provided, one positive transition and the other negative transition. This allows the VSU-29 to be used with most brands of navigation [...]