Unique Solution For Arbroath Leading Lights

Inshore fishing vessels, leisure craft and commercial vessels offering sightseeing and angling day trips all use Arbroath Harbour in Angus, Scotland. With 59 floating pontoons berths, Arbroath has an inner and outer harbour separated by half height dock gates (which maintain a minimum of 2.5 metres of water in the inner harbour). Access to the [...]

Carlingford Lough – Ensuring Safe Passage For New Ferry Service

Last July a new car ferry service made its maiden voyage across Carlingford Lough; navigating this busy waterway to provide services for tourists, residents and businesses between Greencastle, County Down and Greenore, County Louth. The Scenic Carlingford Ferry represents a successful partnership between the Frazier Ferries, the Carlingford Lough Commission and Warrenpoint Harbour, as well [...]

Off Station Marine Navigation Buoys – A Modern Solution

What do you do when your marine navigation buoys keep wandering off station because of exposure to the elements at their location? It can be costly to reposition an off location buoy even just once or twice over the years, so when it happens more frequently, this has consequences to your budget that could be [...]

A History Of Marine Aids To Navigation

Today many of us take marine aids to navigation for granted, and until they need to be replaced, we don’t realise how much we depend on them! Most aids to navigation only require a routine inspection and maintenance after installation. Then they effectively continue their job so that mariners, harbour masters and other seafarers have [...]

Hydrosphere light up Seawork with new marine navigation aids

We will be showcasing the new Mobilis BC1500 navigation buoy and a selection of high quality LED navigation lights on stand PY69 at this year’s Seawork International. Exhibiting for the 21st year, Hydrosphere will be representing some of the world’s leading manufacturers in navigation buoys and lights from Mobilis, Sabik, Carmanah, Vega and Ekta. John [...]

Navigating Through The Dark Winter Months

Whilst we've already had the shortest day of the year, winter is far from over, and we’ve still got many more dark, overcast and gloomy days and nights ahead. Having high performance navigation lights at this time of year is essential. Of course there is navigation during the nights to consider, and then you need [...]

How A Mobilis JET 9000 Buoy Can Save Time And Money

In last month’s blog we shared a case study on refurbishing five Mobilis JET 9000 buoys for our client Vattenfall. While four of these buoys have been installed to provide aids to navigation at the Aberdeen Offshore Wind Farm, the East cardinal buoy has also been upgraded to carry a Datawell wave sensor and Gill [...]

A New Job For Our Mobilis Buoys

We recently met with some old friends. Five years ago we sold five Mobilis JET 9000 navigation buoys to be used as temporary navigation aids during the construction of a wind farm. That project was completed and the buoys spent a couple of years in storage, before the customer decided to sell. That’s when Hydrosphere [...]

We’ve achieved a top standard for quality

We received the new accreditation following an audit by SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verifications, testing and certification company. This was awarded to our dedicated teams based in offices in Upper Froyle, Hampshire and Fife, Scotland. John Caskey, managing director at Hydrosphere comments, “We’re committed to improving the business, and operating in the best possible way. [...]

We’ve teamed up with Sabik Marine to provide Aids-To-Navigation across the UK

The perfect pair – we have partnered with Sabik Marine to offer marine aids-to-navigation across the UK, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands! Carmanah recently acquired Vega Industries – a long-term partner of Hydrosphere. The addition of Vega to Carmanah's Marine Division which is led by Sabik Marine, highlighted a natural partnership with Hydrosphere, [...]