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Buy Cheap = Buy Twice?

Does buying cheaper replacement buoys mean buying twice? Replacing navigation aids because of casualties often involves expenditure that hasn’t been budgeted for. Therefore it is no surprise that, given the choice, many harbour masters and port authorities opt for replacement buoys that come with the cheapest price tag. However, this approach can be a false [...]

The Buoys of Summer: It’s Maintenance Season

With calmer seas, longer days and less inclement weather conditions, summer is the time to inspect your navigation buoys and perform any necessary maintenance. This way you may be able to avoid the cost of replacing or repairing a buoy in the autumn and winter months; when poorly maintained buoys are most likely to suffer [...]

Hydrosphere to attend Seawork International Exhibition 2017

Seawork International Exhibition 2017 This 13-15th June, Hydrosphere, the UK and Ireland’s leading supplier of aids to navigation, will be attending the Seawork 2017 Commercial Marine and Workboat Exhibition and Conference. Exhibiting for their 20th year at Seawork, Hydrosphere will be based at stand PY69 at Mayflower Park in Southampton, and will be representing world-leading [...]

Technology is Powering a Brighter Future

When the first early man lit a fire on a cliff to warn mariners that they were approaching land, he could have little imagined how this one small act would evolve into a worldwide, lifesaving solution. While the principle remains the same today – the use of light to warn ships of danger or direct [...]

Navigating Around the Marine Renewable Energy Sector

With a number of new developments and investment announced in recent years, the UK marine renewable energy sector is an exciting place to be. Offshore wind farms are no longer the ‘new kids on the block’, with the UK offshore wind sector meeting approximately 5% of demand (predicted to grow to 10% by 2020); and [...]

TLC for your Navigation Aids – Repair and Maintenance Advice

Typically there are two types of maintenance undertaken by companies like Hydrosphere: Casualty Response and Planned Maintenance. The first is something most harbour masters would like to avoid – an urgent and expensive response to a navigation aid failing for one reason or another. The second ‘planned maintenance’ is the preferred option, delivering long-term savings [...]

Navigation Lights: Should You Replace Like For Like?

When your navigation lights need replacing do you just call up a supplier and order an identical replacement? While your old system may have served you well, advances in technology mean that there may be better alternatives available now. Recently I visited a small harbour in Scotland for a cup of tea and a chat [...]

Moorings, Not Just A Length Of Chain

The definition of a mooring is to “fix firmly, and secure”, so why does this seemingly simple task often go wrong? There are numerous incidents of buoys coming loose from their moorings, for example in 2012 a £40,000 scientific buoy used to collect data off the coast of Weston-Super-Mare went missing. It came loose of [...]

Light Up Your Harbour Like A Christmas Tree!

If you drive around our towns and cities at night at this time of year, you are likely to see some amazing Christmas light displays. Synchronised lights have become increasingly popular, not just in town centres, but also in residential areas too. Of course, one place that puts on a good show all year round [...]

Mooring Buoys for the Port of Rotterdam

This case study gives an overview of mooring buoys and moorings supplied to the Port of Rotterdam by MOBILIS, specialist manufacturers of navigation equipment. Hydrosphere has a long-standing relationship with MOBILIS as their distributor into the UK since 2001. The Port of Rotterdam is Europe’s largest seaport. In the last three years’ throughput amounts have [...]