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The UK’s leading supplier of aids to navigation

Welcome to Hydrosphere UK Ltd.

Founded in 1994, we are firmly established as the UK and Ireland’s leading supplier of marine aids to navigation, providing high quality, reliable and cost-effective solutions to the marine industry.

We represent world-leading innovators in the production of marine aids to navigation, offering durable buoys, quality marine navigation lights and more.

We’re the official UK partner of Sabik Marine, distributing and offering the full range of Carmanah, Sabik, Vega and Ekta products. Other partners include Mobilis, FullOceans and Oceanwise. We also manufacture and design ancillary equipment including power supplies, monitoring and control systems, and masts.

From start to finish, we’re always there for you, providing a full installation and maintenance service so we can guarantee that your maritime requirements are taken care of.

From renewable energy and aquaculture through to ports, harbours and more, we work across a variety of industries, offering solutions within a range of sectors.

Not looking to buy marine aids to navigation? We have a rental service for navigation buoys, lights, and data buoy platforms. You can find out more at Hydrosphere Rentals Ltd.

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New navigation lights at Queensferry Crossing over the Firth of Forth

September 4th, 2018|

The Queensferry Crossing over the Firth of Forth involved more than 10,000 people working on the £1.35 billion project. Hydrosphere’s role in this project demonstrates how important industry specific expertise can be and what it [...]